Her Stalker part 3

Ellie had difficulty getting to sleep.

After fidgetting, turning, she got up. She’d even had a hot chocolate before going to bed. Which, should have helped Ellie sleep.

So she decided to sit by the fire and read for a little bit.

Still unable to settle down. She gave herself a pep talk.

“This isn’t like you. You are home safe. Stop being silly.”

Ellie said, to herself.

That seemed, to work Ellie thought to herself.

Until a knock on the door made Ellie jump, out of her skin.

It was just her friend, this was the distraction Ellie needed.

Elspeth had brought cream cakes.

Ellie told Elspeth of her fear that, she felt she was being followed.

To be continued…

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

7 thoughts on “Her Stalker part 3

  1. Ellie has seen enough horror movies to know home is not always safe.

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    1. I like your feedback and idea. Thank you.

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  2. Its coming together nicely!

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