Her Stalker part 4

The next day Ellie, arose from her slumber feeling less anxious. Positive thoughts.

Elspeth arrived in time for their shopping trip.

“Shopping, then lunch at Rosie’s place?”

Elspeth asked,

“Of course my dear Elspeth.”

Ellie replied,

There they often met June and Cynthia.

In the perfume department if ‘Boots’ Ellie was testing the new arrivals, a figure at the store window caused, Ellie to freeze, the colour draned from her face.

It was Albert her ex-husband.

Elspeth was over by the make-up counter.

Ellie thought she was going to faint.

With concern the assistant at the counter got Ellie a chair.

When Ellie looked, again he was gone, Ellie dare not say did you see him incase the lady didn’t, maybe he was not there and it was in her head.

A head that now seemed to be spinning, a tight feeling in her chest.

Elspeth came over.

“Ellie, what on earth has happened?”

The counter assistant said,

“She saw a man at the window then went pale and near collapsed.”

“Did you see him?”

Elspeth asked,

“Yes, he looked, sad.”

“Don’t, be fooled, he is my ex-husband for a reason.”

“Albert Lovell?”

Elspeth exclaimed!

Elspeth, took Ellie to Rosie’s she needed something for the shock!!

To be continued….

Image curtesy of Pinterest

3 thoughts on “Her Stalker part 4

  1. An ex-husband sighting is reason enough to be scared. LOL
    As Malcolm stated, the plot thickens. Lucky for me, don’t have to wait for the next chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The plot thickens!

    Liked by 2 people

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