Her Stalker part 5

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Ellie, Looked back on the good years with Albert. It was not all bad, as often, is the case things change after the wedding, in marriage.

Before, and up to the wedding to Albert was amazing…

They were deeply in-love, almost inseperable, they went to the beach in summer.

Played, kissed and cuddled enjoyed the pleasures love afforded them.

Danced to the early hours, dined together. Fed each other during those dining experiences.

Made love, explored each others bodies intimately, shared good times and bad endured the pain together.

Nothing prepared Ellie for the change in Albert post wedding.

The wedding day as you’d expect was magical, not a big fancy affair as they did not have a great deal of funds for the wedding.

He asked, her father for her hand in marriage, her father refused.

They went ahead with it anyway.

I think this is where it started to go badly, wrong.

Albert resented her, for her father’s refusal to give his blessing and consent.

This is where the abuse started.

They had not been married a full year.

Ellie could do nothing right.

A black eye here, a bruised or broken rib there.

One night when he had gone to the pub Ellie called her Friend Elspeth, who, helped her leave him, she could not go to her father for help, she felt to ashamed.

Plus she knew he would kill Albert with his bare two hands around Albert’s throat, for breaking his. Daughter’s heart, strength, her will. She was glad there were no children. She lost a child early in pregnancy she never told Albert she was even with child.

It nearly killed Ellie physically and mentally losing the baby.

Ellie had a break down.

Now, Albert was sorry, it was to late……

Image curtesy of Pinterest

To be continued…..


4 thoughts on “Her Stalker part 5

  1. Much too late for any manwho has laid his hand on a woman in the wrong way.

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    1. Quite right though the mental scars last longer.

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      1. Of course they do. I was abused as achild, the scars never really go away.

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  2. Nice to get a little background!

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