A journey and a New beginning for Eric And Astrid

Merlinsartwork curtesy of Pinterest

The old cottage which, later on arrival turned out to be cabin on a Saxon settlement, was a good ride through a forest.

Eric, Astrid and their companions rode on, night time drew close Eric’s gruff voice called,

“We rest here for the night.”

They dismounted putting nose bags over the horses and untetherred the skins from the back of their horses.

Astrid, Eric and the others sat around the fire warming their hands under a canopy of stars and inky sky.

The following morning they repacked their skins on the horses, they rode on to the settlement. Cabins with wood and wattle and daub thatched roofs.

Astrid was pleased to see how homely they looked,

“We are home.”

Eric said, dismounting the horses, they helped each other settle in their cabins, placing the sack mats and skins down in what would be the bedrooms.

Pots and other goods they carried, Astrid was not allowed to help as she was carrying Eric’s bairn.

Was close to giving birth, which is why her maid joined her.

Her maid, and her family were the company.

Ellen, was not just a maid, she had midwifery skills.

Which, come the time would be needed.

Astrid waited for Eric to light the fire so she could cook the dinner, the bairn had other plans.

Eric was sorting the sleep area when he heard her.

“Eric, baby is coming.”

Astrid called out,

Eric ran to fetch the maid.

Eric helped Astrid to the bed of furs, and helped Astrid down.

All was ready by the time Ellen arrived,

“When I say push, push, when I say breathe, breathe.”

Astrid nodded so Ellen knew she understood her instructions.

Eric was stood outside. He heard the screams then the cry of the baby.

A son, an heir.

He held his son, a proud Father.

To be continued…


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  1. An intriguing start!

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