Ethan and Savannah

Ethan and Savannah had now been dating for 3 months.

Savannah had left the club and was studying at the university Ethan was at but on different degree.

They had gotten very close in that time.

They shared, naked nights together at home by the fire wrapped in each others embrace on faux Fur covers.

With his growing confidence Ethan was getting better at making love to Savannah.

He was falling in love with her but was not going to admit it, unless she told him she was falling for him.

Savannah did tell him.

They moved in together it was going so well…

In time, Ethan proposed, 2 years later to be exact. Savannah accepted his proposal.

The other guys were his ushers, Jack his Best man Ellie and Marcie were her bridesmaids.

Jack had settled down himself with one of the girls. Suzie.

Alex was still with Marcie.

Kevin with Ellie still.

It was unusual for Alex to have stayed with the same woman for so long.

She must have gotten to him. Gotten under his skin.

It could not have been a more perfect day.

The guys and girls had joined together and paid. For their honeymoon.

Image curtesy of Pinterest

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  1. A spicy little entrée!

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