Guys night out part 2

Jack, set Ethan up with Savannah a lap dancer, she wore a part sequined thong and sequined bralet.

“That was cruel.”

the others said,

“He won’t get over his shyness otherwise, I am just trying to help him.”

Poor Ethan looked, terrified.

Especially when she told him he, could have her for free.

Alex liked, Marcie she was just his type, she had the black 1920’s style bob haircut and ‘Louise brooks’ look.

She stripped as well as lap danced.

“What I could do for you, if you came home with me tonight?”

He whispered, in her ear.

“Well we are not supposed to.”

It sounded to Alex, like a challenge, he liked. a challenge.

“No one would have to know except you or me, My friends would not tell anyway.”

She whispered, back in his ear.

Jack had, both girls from the club waiting for him.

The guys knew, he’d be taking both of them back with him.

“Why don’t we all go back to mine, make it a party?”

The guys liked, the idea.

He looked, Ethan’s way.

“You two can use one of my guest rooms.”

He said, winking at an awkward Ethan.

“Sounds good.”

Savannah said,

Ethan didn’t have much choice, if he didn’t want to be teased for backing out.

Jack was right, what had he to lose?

Savanah was gorgeous.

Ethan did like her.

“I am doing this to pay for university.”

Savannah said,

“You don’t look like you fit in there.”

Ethan said,

Savannah thanked Ethan giving him a kiss. They got a mini bus back to Jack’s place.

It was, unlike anything the ladies had ever seen before.

From the air it looked, like an ‘L’ shape. The rooms were like cottage rooms with faux fur bedspreads and the headboards were rails with except his he had a four poster style bed.

The pool area was like a large conservatory extension. The kitchen was like a cottage style kitchen with a modern style Aga that was electric but he had a separate gas stove in an island in the middle a huge dining table.

He had a games room, 6 bedrooms, all en suite.

It was a light airy place, he had blinds at all the huge ceiling almost to floor windows, that reacted to the light and tinted like sunglasses.

The other guys had been there before.

“Make yourselves at home.”

Savannah took her boots off and sat in the floor at Ethan’s feet. Marcie sat by Alex’s, Ellie by Kevin’s and the girls either side of Jack.

“I have plenty of rooms.”

Jack said,

Ethan was starting feel more at ease with Savannah.

She led him up to one of the rooms.

Alex and the others looked, at which room they went in so that they didn’t walk in on them.

Once in the room Savannah got undressed.

“I don’t do clothes unless I have to”

She had a lovely slim figure, legs all the way up to her ass. A pleasing shape, nice sized breasts.

She felt comfortable in her nakedness.

“Please join me.”

she said,

Ethan took his clothes off too, all of them.

“Why are you so shy, you have a lovely body don’t feel embarrassed by it, feel proud.”

Ethan was flattered, Savannah was good at putting him at ease.

“Come over to me.”

He walked, over to Savannah she patted the bed

“sit down here.”

Savannah started, to kiss his neck gently nibbling his earlobe.

She put his hand on her breast gently encouraging him to gently play with her nipple.

Then she reached for his other hand and guided it downwards to her below area.

“Gently massage my bud.”

She asked,

Savannah’s action and moans indicated he was doing it right.

“Is this good?”

He asked,

“Yes, mm.”

She murmured, fully aroused. She lay back pulling him on top of her.

They made love.

Alex and Marcie were next to go upstairs.

Followed by Kevin and ellie, Jack and the girls.

Jack had his own room.

That was his only stipulation.

The others respected that.

Jack led both girls into his room.

The party seemed, to have turned into some kind of orgy.

Afterwards they all came back down stairs.

Jack said,

“Lets go to the pool room where the swimming pool is.”

The girls all stripped naked, and dived in followed by the guys including Ethan.

He’d definitely got over his shyness, maybe it was The conpliment Savannah payed him.

Back indoors, in the main living area drinks and snacks had been placed on the huge coffee table.

Ethan realised, Jack was right, it was the only way to get over his awkwardness.

He thanked, Jack.

He had thanked, Savannah in the bedroom.

The cleaner changed the beds washed, the linen the next day after the guests had left.

Though not all the guests had left.

His guests were still there either side of him in bed.

Savannah went back with Ethan, Marcie with Alex, Ellie and Kevin went back to his.

Kevin was Jack’s brother he had his own place.

The end.


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