Guys night out.

Alex, a hot shot businessman was a bit of a workaholic, it was as difficult for Jack to get him to come out clubbing as it was to get Ethan out clubbing.

This night, he hit a jackpot and managed, to get both of them to come out clubbing. Kevin, his brother was to join them later.

Ethan a confident doctor was, not so confident with chatting to females outside the work environment,

They all got showered and dressed up, they met outside Cisco’s the new club.

Kev,Jack’s brother was running late but let Jack know he’d see them there.

Once in they ordered drinks at the bar.

It didn’t take ‘Jack the lad’. As they called him to hook up with not one but two females, side either side of him on the couch in the V.I.P area.

Jack was the rich playboy, though none of them were poor.

Ethan was about to get his Phd as a professor in Molecular medicine.

Ethan was the nerdy glasses type. Though women still found something attractive about him.

Alex was a bit more confident around women, though not as full on with it as Jack.

Alex was the controlled and strong slient type, a bit more choosy.

Alex did not do the relationship, he was more safe no-strings fun, he didn’t want the marriage with children.

He could spot the women that did and avoided them.

Very often they went strip clubs and he ended up in bed in a hotel with a stripper or lap dancer. Which he Always wore protection, he played but he played safe, he couldn’t afford not to. To be.

This time was no exception

To be continued…

Image curtesy of Pinterest

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  1. Bring it on, baby!

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