Life in the Saxon Settlement

That evening Eric and Astrid, a fiery red head, sat by the fire knowing, this calm moment, they would have to make the most of being cosy.

Eric had made a cot, it was basic but just right for baby Ceawlin, Ellen brought Astrid a sling she could wear to carry baby in during the day had a quick hold and checked he was well, then left them to it.

The cot was placed on Astrid’s side of the bed so she could breastfeed Ceawlin.

The following morning Eric was out preparing the land for growing their food.

Years passed

Ceawlin, now a toddler was sat watching his Dad, Eric working on the small piece of land he was growing crop on.

A new family took the cabin across from him and Astrid, they had a daughter that Ceawlin could play with, Meredith an Astrid became friends and Eric and Cenwalh farmed and drank together.

Ceawlin and Bronwyn grew up together as they got older they got a cabin together they were wed by handfasting. With Astrid and Eric and Ellen and her partner as witnesses.

Ceawlin was good at making things with wood like his father.

After the partying they made way to their cabin, while the party continued in their absence.

Bronwyn stood before him, he undid her smock frock watching it drop to the floor.

She stood naked before him, she being anything but nervous, what their parents did not know, is that although they had not before this night made love, they had been naked together and had touched each other. As well as exploring themselves.

They were now both naked as the day they were born

In front of a roaring fire Ceawlin caressed Bronwyn.

“You don’t have to be too gentle with me I won’t break.”

Bronwyn said,

From there things heated between them.

It was not long before Bronwyn was carrying Ceawlin’s baby.

To be continued…

Merlinsart curtesy of Pinterest

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  1. You can see they had no tv’ s!

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