Mistree Meryl

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Meryl worked, in a small book shop in the town of Newquay, she had the key for opening up, being the manager she opened the book shop, signed for mail, took in books that arrived, stock taking, and other managerial duties.

Ms Plimpton the owner knew she could retire knowing the shop she opened was in good hands.

In her will she wrote a bequest that Meryl would be the beneficiary in the event of her passing.

Meryl did not know this.

Meryl was surprised to see her at the book shop.

“Good morning Ms Plimpton, is everything alright?”

“Yes my dear, just come to pick up some things from the store safe, paperwork I need for the shop for the will I am making.”

“Do you want anything bringing back from Rosie’s cafe for lunch?”

“No thank you dear, I brought my lunch with me.”

As Meryl was waiting to cross the road to Rosie’s Cafe an accident occurred a boy was hit by a car crossing on his bike, Meryl asked, some one to halt the traffic while she went to the boys aid.

“Call an ambulance please someone.”

Meryl said,

An ambulance going by stopped they thanked, Meryl and relieved her of her duty.

She saw the registration plate made a mental note she walked along a bit and saw the car she walked, cautiously toward the drivers side.

It was empty then she saw the driver he looked, hurt and shaken.

Meryl walked back towards the ambulance a little, careful to not lose sight of the cars driver.

She caught the attention of the second technitian.

“I think he is hurt, certainly shaken, he’s the driver that clipped the boy”

The technitian went over to the driver.

“Why did you leave the car?”

“I don’t know, thought I smelt something.”

Just then an explosion as the car burst into flames.

The technitian radio’d for fire service then guided Meryl and the driver safely away, the road was closed off.

Meryl helped the police with their enquiries Ms Plimpton saw Meryl and came to see if she was okay.

Ms Plimpton told them she would take care of Meryl explaining Meryl was her employee.

“That was very brave of you Miss.”

The policeman exclaimed,

“Now go with your manager and have a cup of tea brave as were you have had a shock to.”

A day or two later she saw the policeman who told her the boy recovered well, but the driver was not so lucky, nothing could be taken forward the case had been dropped.

The driver had passed away from a heart attack from his shock and injuries.

Meryl thanked the policeman the policeman smiled,

“You are Welcome stay safe.”

A few months later when opening the shop for Ms Plimpton, when she saw two young men leaving the shop next door, she recognised one of them.

And was not surprised when she recognised who he was.

He was always up to something wrong at school, Bernie Samuels she looked , away before he saw her or recognised, for fear of being in danger, she could not, would not trust him.

The boy with him she knew from the accident just days ago, Meryl suspected he was not with Samuels by choice.

When They were out of site she carefully inspected before calling the police explaining about the boy and her suspicion that Bernie had some hold or power over him and that he may not be a willing accomplice to Bernie’s hijinks.

The policeman said, Bernie was known to the police and that they were watching him.

Meryl said, she knew Bernie from school and that he was an unscrupulous character at school, though she only knew the boy from the bike accident.

She also informed the policeman that Bernie was attempting to rob the shop next door to the book shop she was the manager of.

The policeman thanked her for her vigilance and discretion.

Before ending the call, Meryl said, she keep an eye on the shop careful not to arouse Bernie’s suspicion or put herself in danger.

To be continued…


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