Life in the Saxon Settlement part 2

Bad luck hit Bronwyn and Ceawlin, no child, she did not conceive this time.

“Do not worry my love we shall try again.”

Ceawlin said,

“What if I am barren and cannot conceive?”

Bronwyn said, with teary eyes.

“My Bride, you must not think like that.”

“Come with me to my mother she will keep you company.”

Astrid was stood outside the cabin, Eric was sat on the crude step taking a short break from farming.

Ceawlin walked, toward them with a still, teary Bronwyn.

Astrid looked, concerned.

“What is wrong Bronwyn?”

“I did not concieve.”

“She is quite upset Mother.”

Ceawlin said,

Eric didn’t speak much other than.

“Making them is half the fun, just yer keep tryin’.”

Ceawlin and his father Eric went about their work, then to the tavern for beer.

Astrid got Bronwyn to help her making the meal for the men’s return.

“You have helped me prepare you and Ceawlin must join us I have plenty as you see.”

“Yes, thank you.”

They ate when Ceawlin and Eric returned.

It was an evening of sharing the harvest across a very crude, rustic table crafted by Eric’s manly hands.

“Ceawlin’s father made this table we dine on.”

Astrid said, with love and pride.

“Aye and a fine table Father.”

Ceawlin replied,

“Maybe he will come and make us one or help me to do so.”

“Aye, of course son.”

On return to their cabin Ceawlin lit a fire and carried, Bronwyn to their sleeping quarters. Placed her back down started. Kissing her fully on The mouth.

She dropped her smock so she was stood naked before him.

The light from the fire highlighted her honey coloured hair and soft beautiful skin.

Ceawlin touched her breasts, ran his finger down her front, gently coaxing her to kneel down then he disrobed, kneeled down to face her, now both of them naked, he shuffled a little forward placed his left hand on her breasts his right he lowered, gently pressing her on to the bedding and spread her legs a little running his hand up and down her thigh arousing her then penetrated her.

Her breath raspy in quick succession he pushed in and pulled out a little, in and out Bronwyn moved with him.

They were making love.

Days passed,

This time Bronwyn did concieve, the sickness, a slight swelling of her breasts and stomach, as months passed a little more a bump was starting to swell.

At night Ceawlin kissed the swelling womb from the outside and they sat naked facing each other and again they made love.

Then she lay in his arms as he gently placed his hand on the swelling bump of her womb where the fruit of his loins grew.

Ellen was still the resident midwife.

Ellen was called, very quickly as Ceawlin and Bronwyn’s love making brought on labor.

“Hot water and cloth, bring them to me, fetch Astrid and go wait with your Father.”

“I will fetch Mother, but I will stay by my wifes side.”

He fetched his Mother then placed himself behined Bronwyn supporting her from behind mopping her brow.

“This is unusual. But you are doing a good job.”

Ellen said, to Ceawlin.

Astrid was proud of her son.

Soon a babies cry Ellen cut the cord and tied the stump.

A baby boy Eric the younger. Two proud parents.

Astrid called, Eric over.

“Father, you are now also a grandfather to Eric the younger. We named him after you Father.

Eric held his grandson, and namesake.

Ceawlin loved Bronwyn’s sexy little body. Her breasts, small pert nipples, he couldn’t wait for them to make baby number 2.


5 thoughts on “Life in the Saxon Settlement part 2

  1. He should pull out more often, poor woman. Sorry , could not resist. Love your story. ❤️

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    1. Thank you. It is just a story, your compassion is very touching.

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      1. I’m enjoying your story. .

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you. I really appreciate your kindness I am enjoying writing my story.

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  2. An interesting slice of life in Saxon times!

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