Life in the Saxon Settlement part 3

It was a lovely summers evening, Bronwyn was sat with little Eric now a toddler, Ceawlin was raking over the soil.

Young Eric pointed at Ceawlin not properly able to fully vocalise just squealed, attempting to say father but not quite getting there.

Bronwyn was struggling to keep him still, she saw Ceawlin walk towards them and let Eric go, he ran stumbling on occasion.

Ceawlin picked him up, a proud father, who would feel prouder still the day Eric manages to say ‘father’ clearly.

Astrid and Eric senior came over for supper, Eric senior held his grandson.

Astrid was with child again, Ceawlin looked, at his father, Eric shrugged.

They all laughed, Ellen came over.

“Oh here you are Astrid, Eric I went to your dwelling, you were not in, I was however, after visiting you, coming over to check how Bronwyn is healing, I may as well check you Astrid, while I am here.”

Ellen tried, not to let the worry show, Astrid was not stupid this was her third pregnancy after Ceawlin.

“If I can’t turn this one we have problems Astrid.”

“Breach, oh, just my luck.”

“You have a month to try and hope he or she turns, it is not baby so much, that worries me, as Astrid’s health.

Astrid, managed to get baby to turn by talking and coaxing the foetus to turn.

She was home and Bronwyn was with her Eric and Ceawlin didn’t want her alone just in case.

“Ooh, little tinker.”

“A kick? Bronwyn asked,”

“Oooh , no I think it has started, shout for Ellen.”

Bronwyn called, out to Ellen.

Bronwyn then put the big pot full of water on the heat.

Ceawlin and Eric came running over. Eric sat behind Astrid.

“When I say, only when I say push must you push.”

Astrid was panting.

“When the pain comes push.”

Ellen said,

“Ooooh, oooh, oh, oh, oooooh!”

Then the cry of a baby.

“One more push you can do it.”

The baby was out. Ellen wrapped it in warm fur and handed it to Astrid.

“A Boy, a son.”

Ceawlin and Bronwyn returned to their cabin.

“Oh, I know that look.”

she said,

Ceawlin smiled,

Then pulled, her smock down over her body. He started, kissing her. Then stopped to light a fire.

He got naked and gently pulled her down with him.

“Oh, we are on the mood.”

He parted, her legs and made love to her.

Afterwards they lay naked in each others arms enjoying the warmth from the fur bed and the fire.

3 months later Bronwyn was carrying in her womb their second child.

He loved her pregnant belly and body.

Image curtesy of Pinterest
Image curtesy of Pinterest

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