Life in the Saxon Settlement part 4

While Ceawlin was out in the field with Eric Bronwyn stayed with Astrid.

She was not allowed to move in case she went into early labor.

Bronwyn was not used to resting, she was restless, unsettled. Astrid was watching her.

She sat up a little.

“Are you in discomfort?”

“The baby is moving, I cannot settle.”

Astrid helped Bronwyn sit up a little, Bronwyn was still in some discomfort. Astrid was worried.

“I will call Ellen.”

Ellen came.

“I am worried,”

Astrid said,

Ellen asked, that Bronwyn lie down so she could examine her.

Ellen and Astrid helped Bronwyn lay a little more comfortable, Ellen examined her.

“This may feel a little uncomfortable, you may feel a little pressure.”

Ellen said,

Bronwyn cried out.

“The baby is breach I will try and manipulate your tummy to tempt the baby to turn, hot water please Astrid just in case.”

It seemed to be working.

The baby was moving.

“Come on that’s it, talk to your baby Bronwyn.”

“Turn for mummy please.”

Ellen had got the baby to turn.

They were unaware of the danger outside.

Men had pulled up to the settlement.

They seemed to be looking for trouble.

Eric Ceawlin looked, worried.

They carefully made their way to the cabin unaware of the problem inside.

“We have to move.”

Ceawlin said,

To be continued…..


2 thoughts on “Life in the Saxon Settlement part 4

  1. Nice excerpt, suspense from two different directions!

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