Adults play in the lingerie shop!

It was like a sweet shop for adults, this lingerie shop!

Bra’s panties, sex toys of all shapes and colours, matching stockings and suspenders, ties, bondage equipment, seductive scents to arouse his senses, to get him excited.

She tried, on a few garments, she, was naughty and took a tester vibe into the dressing room sat and played with it, well, how did she know she was going to like it enough to buy it if she did not try the tester first?

“I must bring my lover next time, but for today it is my time to play.”

She said, to herself.

A wry smile played across her now moist lips, she did like it, she picked one up off the hook.

Looking around she found one or two more items, tingle lube, a flavoured lube pack, some wipes to keep her toy clean between plays, a bag to keep her toys in.

Taking them to the till she couldn’t help but smile.

Specially when the assistant asked, if that was all for today, this provoked one last look around. A tickler feather caught her eye, and sleep mask.

“I will take these too.”

She said,

She tried on a couple of sexy black lacy pieces she liked, they were added.

She put them on the card.

Once home she had fun trying things on, using the vibe before her lover arrived,

“Oh, you must come to the store with me on my next visit.”

She said,

He did go with her the second time.

The store assistants heard a noise from the changing room.

They were having sex in the changing cubicle, it was not the first time that had happened, the store assistants turned a blind eye even when he returned, redressing himself.

She came out brazenly asking, what he thought to the very revealing body she was wearing, instead of replying he picked up the tester flogger and followed her back into the changing cubicle.

Unless someone else wanted to try something on the staff turned a blind eye most of the time.

They may giggle under their hand over their mouths.

She loved him using the flogger or riding crop on her bare ass cheeks.

He returned smiling,

“We will take these.”

Cool, no blushes, completely Confident, unashamed.

Image curtesy of Pinterest
Image curtesy of Pinterest

5 thoughts on “Adults play in the lingerie shop!

  1. Cool, steamy little read.

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      1. There is a number 8, right. I now I saw it in my notifications

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  2. It wasn’t like that when I went with you? Bah humbug!!!!

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