Life in the Saxon Settlement part 5

The men on horse back saw nothing worth starting a raid for here they went on there way.

A boy knocked on the door of the cabin. Eric came out.

“What is it young one?”

“The men have moved on.”

Eric thanked him,

“It does not mean they wont return, we must be vigilant and show caution.”

The young man nodded,

“I agree sir, we will bring our harvests in, if we look an uninteresting settlement it may just deter them from stirring up trouble for us.”

“Good idea well thought lad.”

Peace remained,

Time passed, the men did return but passed through, all was well.

Bronwyn gave birth safely, tired but well, she a healthy baby girl, she and Ceawlin named, her Astrid to keep the name and family line flowing.

They celebrated together…

To be continued..


1 thought on “Life in the Saxon Settlement part 5

  1. Another interesting episode!

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