Lotus girls scene 7

Image curtesy of Pinterest

Amy walked, into school.

Heather “What the hell, why are you not in a police cell?”

Amy “Not enough evidence to convict on poisoning, because she had taken medication before she came to me. And nothing from the bathroom to convict.”

Heather was furious.

Amy didn’t say what she wanted, she wouldn’t betray a dead girls confidence.

Heather would, be next if Amy had mind to be bothered.

Which, Amy couldn’t, Heather needn’t flatter herself.

The college principle Ms Bexton called, Amy over.

As Amy approached her.

Amy “Am I out?”

Ms Bexton“As there was not enough evidence to convict you, I cannot technically let you leave.”

Heather “She should be in prison, murderess.”

Ms Bexton “Heather that is enough, get to class.”

Heather “Ir’ll be watching you.”

To be continued..


2 thoughts on “Lotus girls scene 7

  1. One down, who’s next I wonder?

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