Lotus girls scene 8

Ms Bexton let Amy go to class and called, Heather over.

Ms Bexton “I know you’ve lost your friend and you feel strongly, but this is not the right way to go about things.”

Heather was about to protest.

Ms Bexton “It is difficult but unless it is unavoidable and you are in the same class stay away from Amy.”

Heather, shook her head.

Heather “Okay, Ms Bexton.

Ms Bexton “Are you in any classes Amy is in?”

Heather passed Ms Bexton her class schedule.

Ms Bexton “Think I can do a little rearranging here put you in Miss Mallory’s class.”

Heather “Thank you Ms Bexton.”


Heather, a complex girl with a short fuse, very strong views on right and wrong, very everythings black and white.

For she took against Amy from the very beginning.

Amber, Lyndy, Joanne and Rachel did not have much of an opinion either way, they were however, they were a little wary of Heather.

Heather was tough, but also unpredictable. With a very short fuse.

Even Kim was wary of her, and Kim was tough, her father was a boxing pro, and a hard man.

She saw something of his caliber in Heather, her Mother an alcoholic, she had to be mother to her siblings, her Father was not about much but when, he was she or her Mother were his punch bag, he was thuggish.

Kim suspected Heather had his temperament.

To her, Amy lived, a charmed life. Maybe so but it was not necessarily an easy one. Her Father was known to have a string of lovers, her Mother put up with it where Amy would have said, enough, is enough.

She guessed her Mother was frightened of losing her security, she had Amy and Kurt her brother to consider.

Amy’s, Father Greg Harper a corporate CEO, her Mother Susan Gillman, later Harper, was his PA, she knew of his bad bad boy, player reputation, he was going through his 2nd divorce when she got involved with him.

Amy knew, if she was a PA she was smart so why did she weaken, what hold had her Father over her.

Amy never, felt love from her Father, he certainly didn’t earn the title ‘Dad’.

More tollerance, a sort of ‘well you here now” sort of attitude.

Her brother Kurt faired slightly better being a boy, but that didn’t last.

When she wanted her Dad’s support he paid for her lawyer, ‘throw money at it in hopes it will go away’.

It was his last chance, in Amy’s eyes to step up and grow a pair, be a man, not an over grown, immature teenager, he blew it.

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To be continued….


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  1. Another gripping excerpt!

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