Lotus girls Scene 9

Well, Heather had kept her distance up to now, Amy had made a friend and ally in a boy called, Sam who had, heard the rumours and chose not to judge Amy.

She was walking with Sam to class, stopped, in her tracks when she saw Heather, Heather didn’t look as she cornered the corridor towards the library.

Sam “Do you still want to go to the library?”

Amy “No, but I, have to this assignment won’t type itself.”

In the library Amy booked, a computer and asked, to be away from the others. She was put on one in the quiet room.

When Amy later arrived at her dorm room a policeman was there. Amy felt a tightness in her chest.

Policeman” Don’t panic it is good news for you. You are in the clear, it seems Kim had an addiction she was trying to keep quiet, we found a draw full of strong sedatives, must have been her Mum’s.”

Amy “That is good for me, not so good for her. Can you tell Heather this if you can it may make her less likely to blame me.”

Policeman ” She been giving you a hard time, if it helps, yes of course.”

Amy “Well she is more likely to believe you being an authoritive figure, and upholder of the law.”

Amy showed the policeman to Heather’s door but didn’t stop there, she was to nervous.


The following day Amy’s nerves had not settled, she was still on edge, though she tried, to hide it in front of people.

Sat in the canteen alone as Sam was at the doctors for an appointment, Amy was struggling to hold her nerves.

Seeing Heather walk towards her didn’t help, though her expression was softer, Amy didn’t trust that, she was not up to a confrontation.

Heather “I had a visit from the policeman, it seems I’ve been unfairly harsh towards you, you may not trust me, however, I am, genuinely sorry, and I will leave you alone and keep my distance, it also seems I am not the only one with an ass for a Father.”

Amy “It would be uncharitable of me if I didn’t accept your genuine apology, so thank you.”

Amy “How do you know my Father?”

Heather “Oh, my Uncle Kevin works for him, I saw your name and guessed. Not all my Family are scumbags and losers.”

Heather “My Aunt and Uncle looked, out for me.”

Heather sat opposite Amy, I wouldn’t say they bonded more an awkward sort of truce, a ceasfire.

They were never going to be ‘BFF’S’. That is clear.

Ms Bexton saw them sat opposite each other, though she saw no animosity between them.

Ms Bexton “Is everything okay?”

They both said, yes.

Heather “We have, I hope come to a truce.”

Looking genuinely hopeful, at Amy for support.

Amy “Yes, a truce definitely what I think we both need.”

Heather smiled,

Heather “Absolutely. We my never be best friends, but I can, and will agree it is a truce.”

Ms Bexton was pleased.

Heather “The policeman found new information on Kim which exonerates Amy. So I have given her what, seems an unfairly hard time.”

Ms Bexton was pleased, it was less stress for her, though that was not the main reason.

Ms Bexton “I expect the policeman will come and see me to explain for our records to be put in order.”

Heather “Yes Ms Bexton, it seems she was becoming addicted to her Mum’s sedatives or something.”

Ms Bexton “How odd, it is not as if she couldn’t come and talk, to me to ask for help.”

Heather “Or me, I’d have thought as a friend, she could have confided in me, I would not have judged, I have a short fuse, but I am not insensitive.”

Heather suddenly looked, close to tears.

Ms Bexton “Come with me dear, this has hit you harder than I think you imagined.”

Amy was surprised by Heather’s change of attitude towards her, had she misunderstood Heather too?

What was it Kim liked, about Heather? And the others, Lyndy, Joanne, Rachel, was it fear or something deeper?

There was obviously some connection or was Amy over-thinking it, making it seem more than it was….

Maybe she would look into it, there was certainly something in this following Heather, be it fear or blind loyalty.

Did she make them feel secure somehow, to keep bullies away?

To be continued….


2 thoughts on “Lotus girls Scene 9

  1. Another twist in the plot, I’m impressed!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you. I did struggle initially, trying to hard I think.


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