Lotus girls Scene 10

Sam was preparing a class, he did not notice Amy stood at the door, Sam a trainee teacher on a placement at Meeraider girls college.

It may be no accident he chose a prestigious college that had a high, if not the highest pass and grade rating in statistics the 4th highest records.

Amy“Hello Sam, what have got planned for us girls today.”

Sam“That would spoil the surprise, now wouldn’t it?”

Amy“Do you need a hand with it?”

Sam“No thank you.”

Amy smiled, then left Sam to it.

She headed to the canteen and got a sandwich and a glass of milk and sat down.

Heather“Afternoon Amy.”

Amy“Ah, afternoon Heather.”

Amber, Lyndy, Joanne and Rachel sat with Heather on the next table, Heather seemed, unusually jovial.

Amy“You seem in a good place today Heather.”

Heather“Thank you, I’m not always bad tempered you, I do have a lighter side, besides it would be exhausting to always be angry.”

Heather said, smiling.

Amy stood up.

Amy“Well I best head to class.”

Amber said,

Amber“I am in your class may I walk with you?”

Amy“Sure, I don’t see why not.”

As they walked, Amber who was, usually quite shy and edgy seemed, particularly chatty.

Amber“May I be frank with you?”

Amy“please do, what’s on your mind?”

Amber“I think Sam is not who he seems. Be careful.,”

Amy“Oh, there is nothing going on, he is a tutor, that would be inappropriate.”

Amber“Oh, yes of course, it’s just I’ve overheard my Dad saying something on the phone, and Sam’s name came into it. My Dad is a school governor.”

Amy“Sam must have passed the CRB check even, if he is just on a placement.”

Amber“Yes, it’s just something I heard.”

Amy“Is Heather aware?”

Amber“No, well, I don’t think so, I haven’t told her anything.”

Amber”They say, he had something to do with Kim’s death.”

Amy“Oh, how mysterious, I thought she had been taking her Mum’s tablets.”

Amber“He was a lodger, the police now think he was drugging her to protect you.”

Lyndy and Rachel caught up with Amy and Amber.

Lyndy was short and chubby, not very self confident. Rachel was tall and slim, the very opposite of Lyndy, she had just had her brace removed from her now perfect teeth.

Rachel was sporty, played in the girls netball and hockey team, swam. She was destined for the Olympics team, she took part in and completed, black belt karate, kick boxing.

Joanne was the beauty queen and a bit of a diva.

A new student had arrived by the time class was over.

She was black, dark skinned her name was Patience. Tall, slim and sassy.

And an Asian girl Aliyah who was, quite prim and proper.

She didn’t much like Joanne, the other girls she had no problem with. She wore a hijab and fashionable, yet conservative Western style.

Patience wore jeans pumps and tops that revealed her midriff with a long cardigan.

Similar to Heather. Rachel wore jogging bottoms and vest tops with ‘Converse’. Amy was a black jean, lumber jack shirt over a vest top and ‘Doc Marten or Converse’ hitops kind of girl black hair long and straight, thin black framed spectacles.

Joanne was the leopard print and white high heels or pumps when she was at school, very much the high end designer clothing range, Burberry, River Island.

Basically if it didn’t cost over a £100 Joanne didn’t wear it.

Amber wore short skirts high knee socks, white blouses pink fluffy jumpers, and ballet pumps, plimsoles or dolly shoes, very girly. She was the dizzy one.

The black and Asian girls felt, being new, a little daunted by Heather’s clique.

Heather walked, over and introduced herself.

Patience seemed, friendly, Aliyah was indifferent and uninterested.

News soon spread that the dormitory and bathroom Kim was found dead in was taped off for the forensic team.

This caused, much speculation and intrigue amongst the girls.

In they came ppe and black and silver trimmed forensic tool kits, SOCO.

Amy was worried she still had some pills and a bit of marijuana left in her pot.

But her room, as she soon discovered was not taped it seemed, she was the least of their worries. She hoped Heather would not alert them.

Heather had said, nothing the heat was not on Amy.

They talked, to Sam being the lodger at Kim’s.

He said, he was unaware of Kim and her mother’s tablets, that while there paid, board, kept to himself. He explained he could not have protected Amy he didn’t know her then.

The detective was sure he was not telling the whole truth, it was obvious his prints would be in the living room, kitchen and his room. What about Kim and her mother’s rooms.

He said, he had no reason to go in either rooms.

Sam“Kim walked, around the house semi naked, although it was awkward for him sometimes it was, her home. Her mother sat around in pyjamas and dressing gown most of the time.”

He felt annoyed, when put to him about any sexual involvement with either Kim’s mother or Kim herself.

Sam“Kim teased me, she was very aware of her sexuality, but I never encouraged her. I kept myself, to myself. I was about to start training as a teacher and had too much to lose.”

Detective“Well we see what SOCO comes up with for now you are dismissed.”

Sharon Kim’s mother, was on sedatives for mental health disorder, depression, sometimes she could be okay at others she would sit around in her pyjamas and dressing gown with the television on but she would not necessarily be watching it.

She would sit smoking and rocking, almost like a zombie.

She had different men, all rough, Kim had been put in foster care, or ran away and stopped with Heather, who had helped her when finding her in a mess by the bike parks.

This is why Heather was cross and upset at what she heard and intially angry with Amy.

To be continued…


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  1. Lovely stories written by you.

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