Lotus girls scene 11

The Forensic found Amy’s prints were found on the syringe and bottle, they considered what she tried to do was to save Kim, even though it failed, only because of the strong sedatives, which Amy was unaware of.

Sam’s prints were not found anywhere in the bathroom, they were found in Kim’s bathroom, being a lodger that would make sense.

The only prints on the sedatives were of Kim and her Mum. Her Mum was arrested and put through questions, she confessed to drugging her daughter after an arguement between them.

There were questions as to how reliable her confession, but they only had her and Kim’s prints on the sedatives, glass and bottle of water.

Sharon“She was out of control, acting like a little tart around the lodger.”

Sharon“Amy didn’t poison her and I apologize if any stress was caused.”

The headline in the newspapers..

Mother Confesses to Poisoning Daughter. Sharon Kills Daughter Kim in Sedative Withdrawal Rage and Confesses!!


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