The Willingby Times

The Village History

Life, in Upper Willingby village was far from ordinary, there was a definite a selective belonging in the village, new arrivals were looked, on as outsiders.

There was your usual gossips and busy bodies, curtain twitchers.

Coffee mornings at the village Parrish hall, a convenient front, for bed hopping, deceit, jealousy, power and even Murder which, can and does result on the above highlighted hijinks.

Even with a detective residing in the neighbouring village of Lower Willingby, also Hillandward.

He was born and brought up in Hillandward, just 2miles from Lower Willingby in the upstairs of the pub, once an old coaching inn, the Wheel and spoke.

There are some colourful characters.

A pagan group the locals keep tight lipped about but don’t object to.

Life is rich! Not just in wealth.

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1 thought on “The Willingby Times

  1. Rich in wealth is so over rated.

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