The Ghost at the accident.

Alli kicked, at the gravel outside the church, Alli didn’t do with all that religious mumbo-jumbo, although she was a spiritual person as she did believe in ghosts and spirits.

With her purple and blue hair under her beanie, blue and black check trousers, punk top and oxblood high leg ‘Doc Martens’, crombie and punky gloves, Alli was waiting for her Grandparents to come out.

Alli respected the dead enough, she did not sit on a grave or tread among the graves.

She sat on the bench swinging her legs reading her book as Mo and George approached from the church doors.

They respected her choice to follow her own path, or journey.

George“Right, pub Sunday lunch, or sandwich and bowl of chips?”

Alli“Sandwich and bowl of chips.”

Alli a vegetarian chose falafel patty with four bean salsa in wholemeal gluten free seeded batch cob and a bowl of chips.

Mo had chicken salad sandwich and a bowl of chips, George had pork and stuffing sandwich and shared Mo’s bowl of chips.

George drank Guiness, Mo drank lager, Aĺli drank elderflower and rose pressè through a straw.

Mo“Are you stopping over dear?”

Alli“I can go to college from yours thing is I have not got my college bag on me.”

George “I can drop you home to pick up your college things and drop you to college.”

Alli thanked, her grandpa.

Alli“Thank you grandpa, yes I will stopover.”

Mo“How are your studies going dear?”

George“Better still, why, don’t I drop you home now so you can grab your college bag and take you to college in the morning after breakfast?”

Alli“Much better idea.”

Half an hour passed far to quickly.

Hurt and shaken Alli tried to move to feel for Grandpa Georges pulse, Granny Mo was unconscious but she had a weak pulse.

Trying to remain calm, Alli attempts to call the emergency services, Grandpa George had no pulse. Alli was struggling to keep it together.

Panic rose in her chest, up to her through, trying to take a slow deep breath hurt her ribs. Hoping to get help and tell the emergency services call centre staff member before shock set in was not easy.

Another car pulled up and stopped, a man got out.

Stranger“Can I help she tried to wind down the window, it hurt but she managed. He took her phone continued her call and handed her the phone back, though, through her pain it dropped.

The ambulance was soon there, the kind stranger had been talking to Alli to keep her from closing her eyes.

Alli thanked, him she later awoke in a hospital bed.

By her bed sat her Mum, Dad Brother and Sister. They were struggling to keep the tears back.

Alli“Hey, I’m okay.”

Vall“Granny and Grandpa George didn’t make it.”

Alli”No Granny had a faint pulse, she would have made it.”

Vall“She did, before a heart attack after the shock that Grandpa didn’t took her.”

Vall Alli’s Mum, and George and Mo’s daughter, asked, Alli what happened,

Alli“All I remembered, is Grandpa driving me to pick up my college bag after post church luncheon, as I was happy to stop and he said, he would drop me to college after breakfast, that he offered to do.”

Alli“Then opening my eyes, feeling pain, not being able to reach for a pulse in grandpa’s but managing to feel a faint pulse on granny, thanking a kind stranger who stopped to help, finally just now.”

To be continued….

Image curtesy of Pinterest

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