The Ghost at the accident. Part 2

Alli, restless, fitful sleep, her mind trying to make sense of the accident.

Emotionally she felt broken, this did affect the rate in which, her physical injury. Not only had she been hurt physically but she had lost grandparents she adored.

Guilt that her siblings had too. However if they had been the car accident she could have lost a brother and sister as well.

The nurse asked, if she needed any extra support.

Alli“My pain is more emotional than physical.”

Alli couldn’t hold back the tears, the nurse offered a hug, Alli graciously accepted it with gratitude.

Nurse“We don’t just try to help heal physically, who, doesn’t appreciate a hug now and then.”

Alli braced herself enough to smile.

The nurse was quite maternal in loco parentis, Alli felt better, a wave of tiredness came over her and she soon dropped to sleep.

To be continued…


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  1. Ticking over nicely!

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