The Ghost at the accident part 3

Alli’s temperature dropped, dramatically. The nurse came over, soon after, Alli went into cardiac arrest, while under she saw her Grandpa.

Grandpa“Turn back it is not your time, this was not your fault sweetheart.”

Alli went back, sat bolt upright, gasping for breath, mumbling incoherently.

Scared, Alli’s breath was staggard, she felt like ice cold hands gripped her throat.

Alli feared, going to sleep after that.

It was, breakfast time by the time Alli had recovered, she knew, although she didn’t feel particularly hungry she would not be discharged from hospital if she didn’t eat.

Her Mum and Dad came, the doctor intercepted the Father.

Doctor“Have you got a minute?”

Her Father, looked, worried.

Alli’s Father“What has happened?”

Doctor”Is Alli prone to low blood pressure?”

Alli’s Father“Not that we are aware of, as bad as it sounds for a Dad to say about his own child, his first born, her Mum might be better at answering this querie.”

Doctor“Hmm might be delayed shock.”

He let Alli’s Father go to his daughter.

Alli“I saw Grandpa, he said, it was not fault and it was not. Yet my time.”

Her Mum gasped, she went to the doctor.

Alli’s Mother“Did you lose Alli at some point?”

Doctor“Yes she went into cardiac arrrest, when her blood pressure dropped dramatically, but we got her back well before it caused long term damage.”

Doctor“You can probably help me, has Alli ever suffered with low blood pressure?”

Alli’s Mother“Not since birth, no.”

Doctor“Okay must have been delayed shock.”

Alli started choking, something had come back with her, something dark, why Alli?

To be continued….

Image curtesy of Pinterest

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  1. An interesting change of pace!

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