Like a car on a circuit blood pumped by the heart goes around the body through veins.

It’s warm, salty, metalic thick.

Why do vampires crave it so?

I don’t know….

Blood is the Elixir of life. Quoted as saying ‘The blood is the life’.

Did ‘Dracula, Vlad Tepes’. Ever actually say that?

Blood can be poisoned, of course!

Blood oozes through, seeps!

It’s the favoured liquid in some if not most Horror films

Corn syrup, Wilkos red paint, no okay, a family joke. 8pints in everybody. Funny how it Looks more in a film when it’s sticky substance coats a floor.

Crime scene: blood spatter is analyzed.

Blood, blood. Coats the fang teeth of animals and Vampires, wolves, bears, Big Cats as tear at sinews of a fallen creature which, has become their meal!

Like it or not ‘The blood may well be the life!!’


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  1. A cheerful little post!

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