Burlesque club chapter 2

Zelda and her friends went to rehearsal, Aisling rocked, the bar work, shaking and making cocktails.

While the other girls rehearsed the dance moves.

After rehearsal they all went to Carlos, for pizza and garlic bread with tomato sauce.

Aisling had the veggie pizza,

Zelda “Aisling, are you still a veggie?”

Aisling “ Yes, I am still eating veggie food, meat upsets my tummy.”

Zelda “Oh, I didn’t know, sorry, I was not being a bitch on purpose.”

Aisling “It is okay, we are cool.”

Aisling and Zelda hugged,

Zelda was the popular student in school, not educationally intellectual, Zelda was however, street smart.

She knew how to get what she wanted, when she wanted it!

As did the other girls Aisling was different, however, she was accepted.

They liked, her, she had a way of keeping their interest.

To be continued…

Image from Pinterest.

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  1. Coming along nicely!

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