Burlesque club chapter 3

The twins were getting ready for to dance, Ciara and Lucy were rehearsing, as was Zelda, they had not, intially realized Lizzie was missing.

Aisling was getting the bar ready, cleaning the glasses, Lizzie had not come in for her usual pre-dance glass of rum for her nerves.

Lizzie could, only perform with a little Dutch courage.

But she was missing, Ciara, and the twins stopped rehearsal, they were, as ready to do the show.

Ciara “Hey, hold it where is Lizzie she has missed, two days, has she bottled out and changed her mind.”

Zelda “Oh, my where is Lizzie?”

3 days had now passed, still no show on the Lizzie front.

The girls were getting worried.

Ciara “It is a little worrying we could hear on the news she had been, oh no it cannot finish this sentence.”

Leila “Of the twins, be careful of what you say, it just might happen”

Ciara clapped hand over her mouth.”


Zelda “I tried calling her no reply.”

Lucy “This is unlike Lizzie.”

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2 thoughts on “Burlesque club chapter 3

  1. Love the story and it is picture perfect!

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