Burlesque club chapter 5

Lizzie turned up at the club confused, scratched, shaken up, still Alive.

Zelda “We, have been worried, what happened, a guy was found dead in your room.”

Ciara “Where, have you been.”

Lizzie “I, don’t know we, were getting real close, then I heard a bang, I ducked, when I opened my eyes he had a bullet hole in his forehead.”

Zelda “You are shaking, sit down, wait here.”

She sat, Zelda went and got a bowl of water, a small towel she cleaned Lizzie’s face, and anywhere else that needed.

Lizzie “I, guess the police are going to want to talk to me. I’m afraid, I, cannot tell them much more than what I told you.”

Zelda “You can tell, the police what they need to know when you are ready.”

Lizzie “I would, rather get it done and over with.”

Zelda “Okay, then you don’t go alone.”

Lizzie “Thank you Zelda, I, er appreciate that.”

Zelda “Well we look out For each other here.”

Cop 1 “Where is the gun?”

Lizzie “Gun, I hate guns, I certainly would not own one, I cannot shoot.”

Cop 2 “Whoever, shot him would have known what they are doing.”

Cop 1 “True, sorry Miss, please tell me please, all you remember.”

Lizzie told them everything she remembered, she was starting to look unwell.

Cop 2 “Miss are you hurt or, oh okay, call for an ambulance.”

Lizzie came too in a hospital bed.

Zelda “Seems you did not completely avoid getting shot.”

Lizzie “Why did I not feel the pain and collapse at the time?”

Doctor “It moved Miss to somewhere dangerous the cop saved your life.”

Doctor “You are going to be kept in for a couple more days.”

Zelda “Then you can come and stop at mine until, you are fully recovered.”

Zelda “I will go pick your stuff.”

Cop 1 “You cannot go there Miss Zelda, it is still a crime scene, I have been there and brought Miss Lizzie’s things.”

Lizzie “Thank you, sorry detective.”

Cop 1 “Russell, call me Russell. I apologise for giving you a hard time.”

Lizzie “No, you were just doing your job, which can be tough and thankless sometimes, but I, I thank you.”

Lizzie slowly recovered, she went back to dancing at the Burlesque club.

The club, which now had better security protective of the dancers, to prevent what happened to Lizzie.

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2 thoughts on “Burlesque club chapter 5

  1. Is there more to come!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No was starting to struggle didn’t want to spoil it. May revisit the characters at s later date.

      Liked by 1 person

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