Cemetery of Tragedy part 2

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Alice, who was an investigative journalist was sent to the cemetery of Tragedy, to found out what, the draw was to the young teens, and why?

The Moon the night the tragedy took place was a full moon, this night drew the teens, also aligns with the tragedy that took place, a demon held their essence, their souls so they could not rest in peace.

Alice, had no idea, just what she was being pulled, into not until it was too late, the teens were not easy to talk to, Alice, had her work cut out.

Alice, was young enough to get away with dressing like them, her boss managed to enrol her as a student.

To be continued…

3 thoughts on “Cemetery of Tragedy part 2

  1. Another intriguing episode!

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  2. Now this is the way to start Part 2 of this thriller !

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