Cemetery of Tragedy part 3

Alice, started her first day, Kayleigh, a girl who had a reputation as frosty, to say the least, gave Alice an evil stare.

Kayleigh’s only make-up, was black eye liner which she was often in trouble for wearing, it was not allowed, she wore just one piece of jewellery, a ring that was her Mum’s, she was allowed to wear it.

Alice, the geeky bookish type, Kayleigh was not the type yo want to be popular, or like Alice, Kayleigh was a ‘rebel with an unknown cause.

At lunchtime Alice walked, over to the table Kayleigh was sat at. Kayleigh noticed the book.

Kayleigh” So, you read horror, that is kind of cool, unless it is a feeble attempt to impress me. In which, case that is sad.”

Alice “No, I’ve always liked, books that challenged my fear, fight or flight response.”

Kayleigh “Oh, good answer, hey, wanna come to the cemetery after school?”

Alice “Sure cannot be out too late.”

Kayleigh “It’s okay I cannot stay out late either, I am my Dad’s carer he had a breakdown after my Mum died, long story. And no don’t really want to talk about it.”

Alice “No, problem, my Dad is my single parent too, lost my Mum, she died in childbirth, my brother not me.”

Actually, this is how Alice lost her mother, and it did hit her Dad pretty hard too.

At the cemetery Kayleigh introduced, Alice to the others.

Jed, Kayleigh’s cousin, Mitchell, who was older he was at college, he seemed, indifferent towards Alice cold, Kayleigh, told her not to let him get to her.

Alice smiled, anxiously.

Alice “Is he your boyfriend?”

Kayleigh laughed,

Kayleigh “No, yuck, he is my brother.”

Alice, laughed, embarrassed.

To be continued…

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5 thoughts on “Cemetery of Tragedy part 3

  1. Another fine episode!

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  2. Great story and waitng for more eager as a beaver !!

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      1. You are welcome !

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