Cemetery of Tragedy part 4

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Kayleigh, And the others they hid, as the full moon appeared, to climb the inky sky, yet didn’t.

As the moon flooded the ground with bright silver light, the children in the cemetery arose from what seemed a long slumber, to play among the cemetery mist.

One particular, child, they did not recognise seemed, recent, or they woke him to play.

Alice was shocked, at first, Kayleigh, put her hand over Alice’s mouth, to stop her from shrieking.

Alice “It is okay, I will be silent, I’ve just never seen.”

Alice did not finish, a little girl sensed a presence.

She did, shriek, giggled, and ran off.

Alice “I am sorry.”

Kayleigh “It is okay, she does that it is me she sensed, she is my sister, drown, I still feel bad I was meant to be watching her.”

To be continued….

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