Cemetery of Tragedy part 5

Kayleigh, jumped, she felt a hand on her arm.

Ghost voice “Forgive yourself you were young, I forgive you, I always did, the only one who couldn’t was you sister. Love you bye.”

All went silent, Kayleigh fainted, hit her head.

Alice and everyone tried, to help her.

Kayleigh woke in a triage room in casualty.

Kayleigh “I have to forgive myself, Bella has, why can’t I?

She went into a trance.

Started to have a seizure.

The nurse asked, if this had happened before. They shrugged her brother told the nurse she hit her head when she fell during fainting.

Nurse “I impossible there is no sign of an injury to indicate.”

Kayleigh “She caught me.”

Everyone looked, puzzled, Kayleigh smiled.

Kayleigh “I saw our sister she caught me as I fainted.”

Alice said,

Alice “She wants you to forgive yourself. As she has forgiven you. ”

Kayleigh looked, at Alice

Kayleigh “Yes, She does, so I can.”

To be continued….

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