Cemetery of Tragedy part 6

The children’s spirits were trapped, unable to go into the light, their soul being held by an Evil demon.

Only a Mortal still with a Soul could defeat him, but it could cost a Mortal their Life and Soul in the process.

Alice, was that Key, though, she did not know it.

Kayleigh did but had to be 100% sure, there was too much too lose….

Kayleigh “If you like my brother, helping could help.”

Mitchell “Kayleigh, no, Alice, you don’t have to do this, Kayleigh is out of order, you have to want to help for the right reasons, yes I will be grateful to you, but pressure won’t defeat the demon.”

Mitchell ‘You have to want to and offer, in full facts of the risk to your life.”

Being a journalist didn’t seem quite so important to Alice.

Not now!!

To be continued…

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2 thoughts on “Cemetery of Tragedy part 6

  1. Definitely one of your best!

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