Cemetery of Tragedy part 7

Alice, a little scared, did want to help, could she overcome the fear, the risk to her own life, to save the children’s souls?

She certainly could not live with herself if she backed out now.

Alice “I am, the key, how, what does that mean?”

Mitchell “You have a power you can use to beat the demon, if you are complete, meaning still have not, you know, please don’t make me say it.”

Alice “Oh, right still a virgin, yes, I don’t quite see how that helps.”

Mitchell “Your Innocence and Purity is your weapon.”

Alice blushed,

Mitchell “That right there, Only innocence like that blushes at the mention let alone prospect of something unholy.”

Alice “Surely I am not the only one among you that is, what about Kayleigh.”

Mitchell “Erm, I don’t need to know if my sister is or not, I hope she is saving herself for the right one.”

Kayleigh “Yes, of course, I would never let a boy or young man go that far.”

Mitchell “We are straying from the point somewhat can we please focus?”

Alice, said.

Alice “Yes, of course sorry.”

Mitchell asked, Alice to sit and close her eyes, while he did some movements around her, blew air around and said, some words.

Mitchell “Alice, now open your eyes, but stay still for a moment.

Alice opened, her eyes. Everything looked, the same at first.

To be continued…

3 thoughts on “Cemetery of Tragedy part 7

  1. No fear of that at all!

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  2. You have me eagerly awaiting episode 8!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Good, hope it is worth the wait and does not abandon me leaving me stranded.

      Liked by 1 person

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