Cemetery of Tragedy part 9

Alice, had done it, she had saved the souls.

Mitchell was, grateful, but reluctance stopped, him fully expressing more than gratitude, if he was, going to fall for Alice, it had to be for the right reasons.

Kayleigh said,

Kayleigh “Give it time, my brother has not long come out of a difficult relationship with a girl, who’d hurt him by using him, not that I am implying you would.”

Alice agreed, he needed time.

Months passed,

Mitchell, was still unsure, it was the risk of losing Alice which, altered his actions.

He asked, Kayleigh, his sister to arrange a chance meeting, the girl, that hurt Mitchell turned up.

Girl “So your Alice, well he is mine.”

Alice “You, you hurt Mitchell.”

Kayleigh arrived,

Kayleigh “Leave my brother alone, you have hurt him enough.”

Mitchell arrived, unaware of what was going on.

Then he saw the girl, he never wanted, to see, again.

Mitchell “What do you want?”

Girl “Another chance.”

Mitchell “To what, mess my head, crush me, ah, not a chance.”

Kayleigh flew at her, she slumped, in pain to the ground.

The girl had stabbed, her.

Girl “Why, don’t you join your pathetic dead little sister.”

Alice took off her cardigan and held it over the wound, the girl was seized, made to drop the weapon.

A policeman shouted,

Policeman “Nobody, touch it it is evidence.”

Alice had saved, another of Mitchell’s sisters, his mind was made.

He could no longer hold back his feelings for a girl who had shown courage and selfless sacrifice for his family.

To be continued…

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2 thoughts on “Cemetery of Tragedy part 9

  1. Nice, an unexpected twist!

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