3 Bodies in the pyrimids

On a dig in the Valley of the kings.

Strange events had occured in a pyrimid which is not that uncommon in Egypt’s mysterious desert. A body in a pyrimid, again not out of the ordinary.

Except that these bodies were not over a 1000 years old. It was fresher, it was disguised to look older, even down to having been put through the mummification process.

Vital clues, tell tale signs after an x-ray showed the body to be a female, as the day progressed another two were found. Another, female and a male, in a different pyrimid in the same location, so what, who, when and why? were the next questions asked, also how, how did the bodies get passed security? And why, were they put there? All will be revealed in time!! Friday maybe.

Picture from Pinterest

To be Continued…….


5 thoughts on “3 Bodies in the pyrimids

    1. Egyptian Adventures.wordpress.com 27/11/2017 — 13:20

      Wow. Thank You I feel honoured. ☺means alot.


  1. Wonderful intro! you have my full attention!

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    2. Egyptian Adventures.wordpress.com 23/11/2017 — 00:18

      Thank you so much. ☺❤🌛


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